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Purchasing a new house?

If you are in the middle of purchasing a house or thinking about purchasing a house, the survey you undertake will not cover the electrical installation. MKP Electric strongly recommends an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) as this will highlight any issues or potential issues. These issues could vary from a socket not working to requiring a full rewire to the property. Best to know these issues before purchasing as rectifying the problem could be costly.

Fitting a new kitchen?

When having a kitchen fitted, or fitting one yourself, ensure the electrical work is carried out by a certified registered electrician. MKP Electric has received numerous calls of failed electrics in new kitchen installations because the electrical work was not certified and installed by a kitchen fitter and not an electrician. Kitchen companies often offer to do the electrics, just ensure that this will be carried out to the current regulations and certified by registered electricians.

Tripping circuits?

Tripping circuits are most often caused by a faulty appliance. Before contacting an electrician, follow these simple steps:

Go to the fuse board and find out which circuit has tripped (if it’s labelled)

Try and switch the circuit breaker back on

If it trips immediately and it’s a 13A socket circuit that has failed, remove all plugged in appliances from that circuit.

Return to the circuit breaker and try to engage

If it stays on, plug in your appliances one at a time and see if any of them trips the circuit.

If these steps do not work, contact an electrician to rectify the problem.


Tripping circuits are most often caused by a faulty appliance. Before contacting an electrician, follow these simple steps:

As part of the IET 18th Edition regulations, all electrical installation works should be underpinned by the relevant certificates. This could be an Installation Certificate for fairly major works or a Minor Works Certificate for minor electrical works. This forms part of the guarantee that should be offered by all registered electricians.

It’s important to use a registered electrician for all electrical works to guarantee that the work is carried out to the current standards. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who carry out electrical work to a substandard level and are not qualified to do so. To avoid this, make sure anyone that anyone you are hiring is registered with an accredited association such as and preferably the NICEIC. Every accredited association will provide an unique registration number for that person and you can call the organisation directly to verify.